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  • Shaving Machine  RASO 600


With a weight of 9 tons, RASO 600 is the heaviest and most rigid shaving machine.

Because of its power and stiffness, RASO 600 is the ideal machine for gears with large modules and face widths, such as those for tractors, earthmovers, and industrial gears. Chamfering/deburring operation can be integrated as an option.

Available in 5 and 7 controlled axes configuration.

Main advantages:

  • Z axis (equipped with “Roller Screw”) for very accurate shaving
  • Special prolonged cutter head with counter support for combining Chamfering, deburring and shaving (Option)
  • The heaviest and most rigid RASO model


The parameters marked with (*) are specified at the stage of the technical task coordination.


Model RASO 600
Max. outside diameter mm 600
Module range mm 1 – 10
Max. face width (Plonge) mm 160
Min./Max. diameter of shaving cutter mm 178 ÷ 254
Min./Max. shaving cutter width mm 19 ÷ 50,8
Machine data  
Min./Max. centre distance tool-workpiece              mm 210 ÷ 420
Speed of shaving cutter spindle rpm ±  10 ÷ 400
Number of cnc axes (option) 5 (7)


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Shaving Machine RASO 600

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